Samsung is expected to unveil a range of devices aimed at business customers in a major push to get them back into the office.

The South Korean tech giant has long been working on a range to complement its mobile devices and has previously promised to release a range at some point.

A spokeswoman for the company said today that it would unveil devices based on Samsung’s “smartphone style” concept, and will include a number of new products for business customers, including “smart” TVs.

The Samsung smart TVs have a built-in speaker and will have a range, she said.

Samsung is planning to unveil “smart devices” for business users this year, she added.

Business customers will be able to choose from a range on a first-come, first-served basis, according to a source familiar with the plans.

“We’re working hard on this project and hope to have devices ready by the end of the year,” the spokeswoman said.

The new Samsung smart televisions will have “smart TV features”, including the ability to turn the TVs into smart TVs.

 This will make them a “smart home appliance”, she said, adding that the “smart tv” feature will be available to “business customers and other customers”.

This will also include a “Smart TV App”, she added, to allow business users to “use their smart TV to manage their home”.

Samsung is also reportedly developing “smart shopping” and “smart entertainment” apps.

In an attempt to woo the business market, Samsung is working on smart shopping, which will allow customers to “pick up items at a retailer they normally shop at” and then bring those items home with them, according a source.

The “smart Shopping” feature “will allow customers from home to shop at their nearest retailer, where they can choose the items they want to pick up, including those that are out of stock”, the source said.

Business owners will also be able “bring in their own items and return them to their stores with the convenience of having the items at home”, according to the source.

“We’re not saying these are just for shoppers.

We’re saying these will be useful for all businesses, and they’ll make shopping easier for customers too,” the source added.

Business owners will be “very proud” of the “safer and more convenient shopping experience” of “smart TVs”, the spokesperson said.

“They will be a smart home appliance for your business and will enable you to manage your home more effectively.”

Samsung’s latest smart TVs are already on sale at retailers, and the new devices will be made available in the first half of next year, according the source, who asked not to be named.

These new smart TVs will be more than the standard set-top boxes of the past, Samsung has promised.

In February, the company announced that it had begun production of a range that includes “smart televisions”, and was expecting the devices to be available by the middle of this year.

Samsung also plans to launch a range for “smart products”, and will release “smart phones”, the Samsung spokeswoman said, although this has not been confirmed yet.

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