The US government has launched a new initiative to protect women from spy devices by providing them with devices that can detect female urinating.

The new initiative is called the Female Urination Device Identification Project and it will help identify which devices have female urinators.

The US Air Force has also launched the first-ever wearable sensor device that can monitor female urinator movements and transmit data to a mobile app.

The sensor can be used by women who have not yet been diagnosed with breast cancer, or to monitor when a female is pregnant.

It will be rolled out to the air force in October.

The devices will be tested for security, reliability and interoperability with other sensors.

The Air Force said it would also test the device on women with cystic fibrosis and other conditions.

The sensors will be used in conjunction with female urinalysis, which has become a routine part of medical care.

The women in the study are told to put the device in a woman’s hand and to hold it with both hands.

The device can be fitted with a light sensor, which detects a person’s gaze.

It detects a single, tiny drop of urine from a woman.

If a sensor detects a female uriner, it will light up in a green light and transmit that data to the app.

“The device is able to detect the female urinator, the woman’s menstrual cycle, and the temperature of the female’s urine, among other things,” Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Steve Miller, the project manager, told Reuters news agency.

“It is also capable of capturing the menstrual cycle and menstrual fluid from the female,” he said.

The researchers have designed a special type of sensor that is compatible with other devices, but they are still testing whether they will be compatible with all the different sensors.

“We are in the process of developing a suite of devices that are compatible with these devices,” he added.

There is currently no way for women to wear the devices to make sure they work, but the researchers said they will develop a program to test the devices for compatibility.

The project has also been supported by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

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