Why Google doesn’t trust the news sites it uses for device reviews

We’ve all been there.

It’s the day you finally get your device back after a long day at work and you want to see what the device has to offer.

You click on the device review tab and, like a good kid on Christmas morning, click on your favorite story.

And the device you’re going to use for the review has a brand new feature you just want to check out: A new feature.

We’re talking a new photo, a new music, a whole new app icon and more.

You’re in the moment.

We are.

And that’s when it hits you.

Google does not trust the sites you’re using to share device reviews.

The company says that in addition to blocking the sharing of device reviews on the sites, it will block any sites that it believes to be promoting illegal content.

“We have an internal investigation in place for each site we block that we deem to be a site that has been engaging in unauthorized sharing of the content of third parties,” the company said in a blog post.

“These sites are being used by criminal organizations to sell and distribute drugs, guns and other illegal goods and services.”

But we’ve known for some time that Google has been doing this.

And this week we got a look at the company’s secret code, which was developed over the course of years and which Google is using to determine what sites are sharing content and what sites it thinks are promoting illegal products.

That code has now been exposed to the public for the first time.

We were all curious about what it meant.

What exactly was going on?

What was the secret?

We took the Google Play store to the Google headquarters and spoke to the company about the details.

Here’s what we learned.

Google didn’t want to be public about the process Google uses to block sites that share device review content The process Google is deploying is not very secret.

Google’s secret process to block certain sites from sharing device review data is as simple as putting in a few clicks on the Google+ app on your phone, or even on a website that Google uses for devices reviews.

Google says that the site is blocked by the app, not the device.

The code that Google is writing to block the site isn’t as easy to parse as other code that would block certain devices, Google said in its blog post, “but we don’t use this code for anything else.”

The Google Play website is blocked from sharing review data because it is “conducting business with or for the criminal organizations or groups responsible for the manufacture, distribution and sale of illegal goods,” the Google spokesperson said.

The codes Google uses in order to block devices review data are encrypted with an AES encryption key that Google believes will be easy to crack.

But when it comes to the code that is actually being used to block these sites, Google has a different take on the issue.

“In our internal investigation, we found that some of the websites that we were using to create the review are actually participating in a scheme to distribute and sell counterfeit and illegal drugs,” Google said.

“Specifically, the websites involved in the scheme include the site we’ve described as the site that you’re currently browsing.

These websites have also engaged in activities that we believe are illegal.

For example, they have been selling counterfeit pharmaceuticals and other illicit goods to minors.”

Google also pointed to a list of other sites it found participating in the counterfeit drug scheme.

The list includes some of Google’s biggest sites: Google+ , YouTube , GoogleMaps , and a number of others that Google considers to be major sites.

Google also says that it’s blocking a number other sites that are part of the “scam site” that was recently found in China, but the site hasn’t been blocked.

“The only site that we know of that’s participating in this scheme is the site you’re looking at right now,” Google told us.

The problem with this “scare site” theory is that it doesn’t explain how it came up with its list of participating sites.

It does explain that it was used by some of these websites to “host” counterfeit and other counterfeit goods.

And so, while we can’t say that the Google site is behind the site, we can say that it wasn’t.

What about the other sites?

Google’s explanation of why it blocks sites that participate in the “sabotage site” seems reasonable, at least from a security perspective.

Google claims that the “traffic” that it is blocking is actually the result of “criminal activity,” which it considers to include the counterfeit goods and drugs.

But in this case, Google is saying that it isn’t blocking a site for criminal activity, but rather “trafficking counterfeit goods,” which is a different story.

In the end, Google claims it is not blocking these sites because they have no legitimate purpose.

Google doesn’t specify exactly how it defines legitimate purpose

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