A new hearing device could have a major impact on the football world. 

AeroBika has created the AeroBika device.

AeroBand, the name of the device, allows for the monitoring of a player’s heart rate and breathing. 

The device was developed by AeroBike as a way to monitor breathing during the game and the players reaction to the referee’s decisions.

The device is powered by a pair of batteries, which are placed in a pocket inside the device.

This means that it is easy to swap out the battery and keep the device connected throughout the match. 

“If you are in a crowd and you need to change the batteries, the device is available in different colours to suit your needs,” the company told Football Italian.

“The main difference between the AeroBand and the regular hearing device is that the Aero Band is much more compact and can fit in your pocket.”

It is not clear how much more portable the Aeroband will be, as the company is yet to announce the cost. 

As well as hearing a player breathing and monitoring breathing, it is also possible to monitor the heart rate during play, which can then be used to assess the players condition and reaction to decisions.

The device works by recording the heartbeats during the match, with each sound being recorded in a specific interval and then played back. 

When a player is breathing or exhaling, a sensor on the device can be used, and when the player has responded, the sensor will register the amount of oxygen being supplied to the brain. 

In theory, the AeroBan is a much more accurate method of monitoring breathing than the standard hearing devices, as a player could easily switch between them.

“It is possible to record breathing, exhaling and heart rate using the Aero Bar and we are working on a method for recording breathing during a match, as well as an automated device that will automatically record the heartbeat of the player during a game,” a company spokesperson told FootballItalia.

“If the technology becomes more useful, we will also develop an automated breathing device that would be able to automatically record players breathing, breathing rate and heart rates.” 

However, it remains to be seen how much of the technology will be incorporated into the club and the player, as they are still working on the technology. 

It is also unclear how much the device would cost, as AeroBikes first prototype cost €200 ($290) and the device itself is currently sold for €199 ($240). 

Source: Football Italie

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