A lot of us are familiar with the words spoken by the French language.

When you are speaking French, it’s your native tongue.

But how do you communicate with your fellow French speakers?

That is the question that many French speakers have struggled with.

To find out, we sat down with the creator of the new, and first, spoken language translator, the Analogue Devices Inc. (ADI) device.

We also asked them how they came up with the idea of the device, how the product has evolved over the years, and what’s next for this innovative device.

We spoke to ADI CEO John Kasten about the product and how the company came up the idea for the device.

Q: When you first started looking into the device’s design, what did you look for?

Kasten: We were looking for a device that would help you speak French and do it well, because it’s not something that you can do by hand.

It requires you to read or understand a text, and to learn to use the technology.

We wanted something that was portable, but also comfortable to use.

It needed to be easy to put on and take off.


Did you have a particular feature that you were looking to add to the product?

Kaster: There was an initial idea that we were going to use a microphone to make it easy to say, “Hey, what’s up?”

But that wasn’t something we wanted to do at first, so we went for the simplest way to say it, which was just an audio output.

The goal was to make the device so that you could just say “Hey,” and you could use it as a conversation device.

I wanted to make a product that was a universal language, so you could translate text and speech from any language into the language you’re using to talk.

Q.: The audio output of the Analog Devices device has two microphones, so that when you speak, you can hear the sound and understand what you are saying.

Did that change anything in terms of design?

K: I think it has changed the way the product is.

The audio is not something you can just plug into a microphone and have the audio feed go out to the world.

It has a real mic that goes through your device, so it can pick up sound in a room, and it has a very small speaker, so the volume will be low and there won’t be any noise.

We have two microphones so that we can hear what we’re saying, but it’s also a real-time audio source, and that means that we are able to capture and process what you’re saying.

So when you say, for example, “Yo, I have this bad feeling,” the audio can pick it up, and we can pick out the sound of the bad feeling.

Q:”How did the Analogy Devices’ technology evolve over the last couple of years?KA: Our technology has evolved from a simple mic that we bought for $30 to one that we made for $2,500.

We added a lot of additional hardware and software features that made it a better product.

We went from being just a one-person company, to a two-person product, to becoming a global company.

Q : What is the most important aspect of the product that you want people to take away from using it?KL: I want to make sure that we give the product to the right people.

There are so many different kinds of French speakers, so there’s no one right answer.

So it’s important to me that we’re giving them a product to speak French with, that they can use to learn the language, and have a device to use in the home and work.

Q:’Why do you need a translator to translate a French text?’KA and Kaster: So, first, because when you’re speaking French you need to be able to communicate with other people in the language.

That’s because the language is so rich.

It’s not just a set of rules that you have to follow.

It really is a language.

So you have people in France that know a lot about the language and they are the ones who can translate text.

They can also listen to what you say.

They understand what is being said.

So if I have an interview in French, I can translate it to my French colleagues and they can listen to it.

That helps them understand what I’m saying, because they know what you mean.

I want them to understand what’s being said, and they understand the context.

Q: What’s next in terms the product’s evolution over the past few years?

I hope people take the time to try it.

We’re hoping people will like it.

It works.

We’ve been using it for a year now, and people are using it on a daily basis.

If they use it regularly and like it, we can make more of them

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