Microsoft has pushed out a new update to its Windows Phone OS to fix a few issues, including the inability to access camera and microphone during the app launch process.

The company also rolled out a few tweaks to the tile tracking device.

You can now access the device from the start screen by swiping down and tapping the Start button, or you can swipe left from the top of the screen and tap the tiles icon.

Windows Phone 8, as you might recall, started rolling out with an 8.0.1 release in August that brought a slew of updates including new emoji and a new tile system.

It also introduced support for Apple’s iOS 8.3, the company’s latest operating system for iOS devices.

The new Windows Phone UI, dubbed Metro for short, is based on the Material Design principles that Microsoft adopted when it introduced the platform in 2014.

It uses a grid-like design with a horizontal border, a grid of tiles, and a grid view that lets you see all of your app’s windows and applications at once.

Windows Store apps can be downloaded and installed via the app and are generally free, but the company offers some paid subscriptions that can cost you some cash.

For a while, Microsoft had also been testing the idea of using the Metro UI for apps, but that idea wasn’t really adopted.

We first heard of Metro back in October 2017, when Microsoft revealed a new version of Windows Phone with an interface inspired by the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Windows 8.2 rolled out to Windows Phones earlier this month, which also brought with it Metro.

In Metro, Microsoft introduced a new set of tile system features and improved the performance of some of its app stores.

The latest update, 8.5, also brings improvements to tile tracking and improved support for Windows 10 devices, which Microsoft has said should be ready by the end of the year.

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