The American Academy of Pediatrics has weighed in on the penis traction device controversy.

It’s an important topic and it’s important for all pediatricians to have an educated opinion on it.

Here are some important points:1.

This device is a device that can only be used by a parent or guardian.2.

It can only treat one symptom at a time.3.

It must be used in a private setting.4.

It cannot be used on a child who is under the age of 18.5.

It is only effective when the child is on the same sex.6.

It does not work for a child whose penis is too small for penetration.7.

It will only work on a parent with an STD.8.

It may or may not work with a child with an erect penis.9.

This is an invasive procedure that requires a trained physician to perform.10.

This method is not recommended for patients who are at risk for HIV transmission.11.

The device cannot be administered to patients who have had sex with multiple partners.12.

The penis traction can be dangerous for some children, especially those who are more sensitive.13.

The devices may be harmful for other children and adults who are not at risk of HIV transmission, and/or the parents of such children.14.

Parents may not want their children to have access to this device, especially if the device is not approved for use by the child’s doctor.15.

The child should not be able to use this device unless the child has an STD or is at high risk for acquiring HIV.16.

This can lead to an increase in the risk of a child contracting HIV.17.

The foreskin can be damaged by this device.18.

The skin is more sensitive than the skin around the penis, so the foreskin can get irritated.19.

The penile traction can lead some children to become circumcised.20.

Penile traction devices are not recommended to children who are circumcised because the foreskin does not completely retract.21.

The AAP also warns that the use of this device may cause an increase of the number of sexually transmitted infections in children.22.

The risk of an erection and/ or pain during use of the penis-trapping device is low, and the device may be a safe option for a small number of children.23.

Penis traction devices can be used with or without a condom, and they may be used safely with or with a condom.24.

The use of these devices is not necessary if other methods have been used to treat the condition.25.

This article is part of a new health care topic on the front page of the New York Times that examines the current state of the science on penile surgery.

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