On a recent Thursday morning, Alexa, the voice-controlled assistant that runs Amazon’s streaming service, was running a demo of the Alexa Remote.

Its remote control appeared to be plugged into a small speaker connected to the wall.

The remote’s two main functions were playing and pausing audio.

But it also had an Amazon Video button and a volume knob, which is a handy gesture to turn on the Amazon Video app.

When it was done, the Alexa remote was connected to a computer, which then streamed music and video on the television or projector in front of the user.

The streaming device was connected via a HDMI port on the side of the TV, so Alexa could play and pause the videos and music, and then resume playback when the user switched to another screen.

In this case, the user was playing a movie in which an actor’s voice was playing.

When the user went back to the movie’s screen, the remote played the movie back and paused again, while the speaker on the wall played the next scene.

The Alexa remote worked for a short time, but as it started to play more and more movies, it started pausing, and when the movie was done playing, it restarted.

The system is still early in development and is meant to work with limited input from the user, but it could be a useful addition to streaming devices in homes, where the user can’t use voice commands.

Alexa is already used in a variety of ways, including to set timers to turn off lights or radio stations, or to turn up a light or turn down a radio.

It could also help people who are blind, blindfolded, or have other sensory disabilities.

Amazon is still working on a video-streaming app for Amazon Prime members, but the company is trying to make it easier for the millions of people who want to stream movies and TV shows to do so.

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