The new iPhone and Android devices that use Interlock technology to automatically unlock when the user calls a hospital or emergency room are coming to the US soon. 

But you need to know how to unlock them if you’re a patient.

The devices use the same lock algorithm used on medical devices that are used to protect them from theft and hacking.

That means the same technology that locks the lock on your door can also lock your iPhone or Android device, making them nearly impossible to get unlocked in the first place. 

Interlock is a new technology that uses a different algorithm to lock devices and, in some cases, make them virtually impossible to unlock.

It’s one of the latest advances in unlocking, and is being rolled out for the iPhone, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, as well as Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. 

The iPhone and its closest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, are also on the way, but they use a different lock algorithm and do not include Interlock features.

The most recent Samsung Galaxy device is the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, but it’s not yet clear whether the iPhone 7 Plus will use Interlocks or not.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus feature an iPhone 7 (including the 6s model) that has been specially designed to fit into the iPhone’s slot. 

It’s a slightly different design from the one Apple made for the Galaxy Note series.

In fact, the design of the iPhone is a bit different than the iPhone design that Samsung has made for its other flagship phones, the Note 7 and Note 7 Plus.

It features a much narrower notch on the side of the phone, which makes it easier to grip.

It also comes with a more streamlined design with the camera and power buttons at the top and bottom, and the front of the device is more rounded.

Apple has also been testing Interlocks on its other phones, including the iPhone X, which will use the iPhone 6’s interlock feature, too.

However, those phones will not use the new lock technology.

Apple is testing a similar Interlocks feature on the Galaxy X. AppleInsider reports that the Galaxy devices will use a fingerprint scanner, which is similar to the technology in the Galaxy Pro’s fingerprint scanner. 

This fingerprint scanner will also use the interlock technology that is in the Samsung S7 series, and will be available in two colors.

AppleInsider notes that the Interlocks technology is similar in some ways to how the iPhone uses its lockscreen to lock the device, but the company is working on making it easier and faster to unlock iPhones and Android phones, as it is on the Samsung phones.

Apple will start rolling out the Interlock feature to new devices in late 2018, and there are no current plans to roll it out on all phones, at least not for the time being. 

Here’s how to use Interlocking to unlock your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, or other Android device.

If you want to lock your device with Interlock, you can use the Apple Pay app or another app on your phone, like a Google Wallet app.

If you don’t have a Google Pay app, you will need to purchase an app from Apple’s app store, as this is the most common way to unlock a device.

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