Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Stingerray (Cisco Systems) announced on Tuesday a new wireless device that they say could help you spy on your own devices. 

“We have been working on new devices that allow users to tap into a wireless network without entering their Wi-Fi passwords,” Stingerrays founder and CEO Andrew Daugherty said in a statement. 

The StingerRay is a device that can be plugged into the wall, and the StingerRadar device can be hidden away in a coffee table or other non-visible place. 

It comes in a black box with a sticker on the side saying “StingerRay,” and it’s supposed to track down devices with your Wi-Fi network that have been in the vicinity of your home, and then “unlock” them. 

Stingerray’s devices can track down WiFi devices from up to 40 meters away, according to a statement from Stingerradar. 

You could also use the device to track your own location, and potentially find a specific device you want to track, like the one you’re using for shopping, the company said. 

In an interview with Business Insider, Daugrieys said the StingeRay could help the FBI find the hacker who was behind the Stuxnet worm, which crippled Iranian nuclear centrifuges. 

If the device was placed in a house, it would capture the location of all Wi-Pads connected to the router. 

Daugherty also said StingerRAY devices could be placed in the private home of a targeted person, and could track the individual’s location for up to five minutes, and would be able to send out an alert to their home phone if they leave the area for too long. 

This could be used to identify people, including journalists, and possibly even the person they are reporting from. 

But Daugreyys also said his company’s StingerRays were designed for “mobile” use. 

There are other devices on the market that use Wi-FI for remote access, but Stingers devices were designed specifically for the home. 

When you’re using a Stinger Ray, you could log into your home Wi-fi network and say, “Look, I’m on my iPad, I have an iPhone, and I’m checking my home wifi,” Daugries said.

“You can then connect the device to your router and get a full map of all the Wi-Bands, all the IP addresses, and all the devices on your network.” 

In a press release, Stingrays said the StigRay was “designed to detect devices in your home and send an alert, or an alert if you leave the home for more than five minutes.” 

The device could also be enabled with an Apple Remote app or Android Wear device. 

Its Bluetooth connection allows you to connect to any device that supports Bluetooth. 

So, you can use the StigRay to send an email to your colleague or to the people you want to spy on. 

One example that I found was a blog where someone claimed to have hacked the Nokia N810 smartphone, which has a fingerprint reader built-in. Using the stingerRay’s Bluetooth connection, you could tell that it was a Nokia device.

The N10 was hacked last summer by a Russian hacker, and a hacker claimed responsibility for the attack. 

 “It’s a new technology that is coming,” Duggar said.

“We think it’s a very powerful device.

But it’s still early days.

The technology is still in its infancy.

We’re trying to figure out how to integrate it with our software, and it will take time for that to happen.” 

Degherty said his StingerRs devices could also be used to track people who were in a public area like a subway or walkway, even if the user didn’t leave their home for a long time. 

They could be set up to be able to log in with the password and location of anyone who was using a device that was connected to their home network, Dougherty said.

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