A new study suggests the best device for exercise-based workouts may not be a gadget, but a fitness tracker.

According to research by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, which published the findings Tuesday, the best fitness tracker is a wristband.

“Our data suggests that the wristband may have a better workout experience than the traditional device, and this is supported by findings from a variety of studies that we analyzed,” Dr. Mark B. Stavropoulos, director of the Exercise and Sport Center at the University of Wisconsin, told The Associated Press.

Stavroposoulos conducted research into a variety and levels of exercise-related wearables.

He said wristbands, which typically cost between $10 and $15, may be the most practical way to track and track exercise activity.

“Wristbands can be easily worn around your body, and they are designed to provide a more accurate assessment of exercise activity than a conventional device,” he said.

Stravropoulos said wristband technology is often used by athletes to track their workouts in addition to their workout routines.

Wristband technology, he said, is a convenient way to keep track of physical activity that can be tracked by other devices, such as computers, GPS trackers and fitness trackers.

In addition to the research, Stavropsis said the study showed that wristbands are not the only way to provide exercise tracking.

Stravropososis said wrist bands can also help track a person’s weight, blood pressure and other vital statistics, and help people monitor their workouts.

The study did not look at wearable devices specifically.

However, Stravoposis told the AP that he believes wearable devices are becoming a more popular way to monitor exercise activity because of their smaller size and smaller screens, making it easier to track activities while exercising.

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