When Google decides to change its rules, there are some things it won’t do

Google announced today that it will begin to allow its search results to be promoted on TV, and it won�t be able to hide them on the home screen.

Google has always had a policy of not allowing its search ads to appear on the homescreen, but that has changed. 

Google is also announcing that it is now allowing its TV search results on its home page to be placed in the search results pane on the bottom right of the screen. 

 The company has always been against the practice of placing search ads on the top of search results, but Google announced yesterday that it was going to begin allowing its ads to show up in the results pane. 

I found this change surprising because Google has long been against this practice.

The company has been known to promote its own services on the search page, which can be very tempting for people searching for something specific, especially if you have a personal interest in a product. 

In recent years, Google has started to take a more aggressive stance against the placement of search ads in search results.

Google is also no longer able to remove search ads from the homescreens of some of its own products. 

However, Google did not announce today that this change was for TV search. 

On a personal note, I have a lot of TV shows and movies on my Netflix queue that are not on my Google search results for Netflix.

So when I watch those shows, I often find myself having to go back to the Google search page to find what I need to watch. 

This change is a big one for me personally, as it will allow me to watch more Netflix shows in the future. 

And this change also means that Netflix is no longer going to be able do away with the Google ad banners on its own TV service. 

What do you think of Google�s announcement?

Let us know in the comments below!

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