Posted October 05, 2018 12:00:52 Hearing aids and other hearing aids are a major source of disability.

They also play a critical role in the lives of people with disabilities, according to the Hearing Voices of Hearing Loss Association.

The group has released a report that analyzes the benefits and drawbacks of hearing aids and hearing aids-related products.

HearingsVoices of Hearing Lack, a non-profit group, conducted the study to help inform policy makers and the public about the benefits of hearing aid products.

The study, titled Hearing Devices and Hearing Loss: A Review of Hearing Devices, uses a unique methodology to compare the benefits, costs and drawbacks associated with different types of hearing devices.

“I think it’s really important to look at the science, the medical science, and the medical devices and devices that people are using,” said Dr. James F. McEwen, a hearing aid specialist at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine.

“The more we can understand what’s working, the better we can make recommendations and policies.”

The study analyzed the medical and scientific literature from 2003 to 2017 and found that hearing aids were a major benefit to people with hearing loss.

The study found that there were more than 1.2 million Americans who were living with hearing impairment in 2015.

The average life expectancy for a person with a hearing impairment was 20.2 years.

“We’re in a golden age of hearing care,” said Jennifer E. Williams, co-director of the HearingVoices Foundation and co-author of the report.

“It’s really a wonderful time to have a device that’s going to make a difference in your life.”

“It really does have a positive impact on the way you hear,” she added.

In the study, hearing aids had a positive effect on the people with a disability by lowering their overall health.

Hearing aids also reduced the likelihood that a person would have to go to a hearing specialist, the study found.

The researchers found that people who use hearing aids have a lower risk of hearing loss than those who do not use hearing devices, with those who use devices reporting an average of 0.9% more cases of hearing-related hearing loss, or 0.8 cases per 100 people.

People who do use hearing aid devices are at a lower rate of developing a hearing loss because of the benefits they have from hearing aids.

“There’s really no benefit whatsoever from hearing aid use, except for that it reduces the risk of developing hearing loss,” Williams said.

The report also found that the hearing aids that people use are safer than those that do not.

People with hearing aids reported a significantly lower rate for hearing-associated head and neck trauma, and a significantly higher rate for traumatic brain injury and hearing loss in their hearing.

“What we found was that hearing devices were safer for people than people without them,” Williams added.

“When people don’t have hearing aids they’re more likely to suffer hearing loss.”

The report also finds that the more people with the hearing impairment are using a device, the lower the chances of hearing damage, but it does not mean the device is better than other alternatives.

The hearing devices that were tested are the following: earphones, hearing aid, earphones with a sound barrier, earplugs, hearing assist, hearing system, hearing prosthesis, hearing pad, hearing belt, hearing vest, hearing strap, hearing mask, and hearing mask accessory.

Hearing devices are not only useful for people with limited hearing ability, but for the people who are deaf, deafblind, or have hearing impairments.

“It’s good for us as a society to have devices that are a safe alternative to hearing aids,” Williams explained.

“We’re talking about a device which does not damage your hearing.

The device is safe.”

The research was funded by the National Institute of Hearing Research.

Williams is a member of the National Center for Hearing Research, which was established in 1978 by the U.S. Congress to promote research into the cause, treatment, and prevention of hearing impairment.

The organization has provided more than $100 million in grants to support the study.

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