With its new ‘smart’ home device called Juul, Google has finally revealed its latest attempt to solve a problem it’s been trying to solve for years: how to make smart home devices that allow users to control their home from a smart speaker.

The device itself is not the same as the one you can buy in a home automation store.

It’s an assistant that uses Google Assistant and Alexa to control a wide range of devices, including your home theater, thermostat, lights, and more.

The Juul device, which is due to go on sale later this month, is Google’s first home-enabled assistant.

But unlike most other smart home products Google has made, the Juul Assistant is intended to be used with an Alexa-enabled speaker.

That’s a big change from the Echo Show, which only lets you use Alexa and Google Assistant together to control the lights, thermo-control, and other devices in your home.

Juul is designed to make it easier to control your devices from your phone or tablet.

The speaker is connected to the Juuls Hue light sensor and Alexa’s built-in microphone.

There’s no wireless charging or Bluetooth connectivity for this speaker.

Google’s Juul assistant also supports a variety of sensors, including a temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and an ambient light sensor.

Juuls Assistant can be controlled from a range of smart home apps.

Google Juul comes with a variety a home-friendly home-focused smart home applications, and it’s designed to be easier to use from your smartphone or tablet with the help of Google Assistant.

Google has built in a variety, from basic home automation controls like turning on the lights to more advanced automation like turning off the lights.

This allows users to use Juul to control lights and thermostats remotely.

Juules smart speaker is able to interact with a wide variety of smart appliances and devices, and you can also connect the speaker to a Wi-Fi-enabled home network.

The Alexa-powered Juul can also talk to other smart devices like lights, lights in your kitchen, and a wide array of appliances in your living room.

Google wants users to be able to use their Juul devices with Alexa as a speaker, too.

This is a big step for Google to make Alexa-based smart home solutions more useful for its users.

Google says Juul will support a wide spectrum of smart devices, from smart thermostators to lighting, and will also support a variety other smart connected home devices like lighting control, water temperature, and even a thermostatic door lock.

Users will be able access the speaker from a variety to of different apps.

You can also set the speaker as an Alexa device to control other smart smart devices or to use it as a home entertainment hub like Amazon Echo or Samsung SmartThings.

Google isn’t ready to reveal exactly what these smart home control apps will look like just yet, but Juul has already made a number of big moves in this space.

It recently launched an app called Smart Home Assistant, which includes Alexa, Google Assistant, and Alexa smart speakers, as well as a range that includes a smart home hub and smart home assistant.

The Home Assistant app includes more than a dozen smart home features like Home Assistant HomeKit support, and Google has also released an Alexa Skills Guide.

Juula will also work with Alexa to connect to other Alexa-equipped smart home hubs like Samsung’s SmartThings hub, Samsung’s Nest smart thermos, and the Amazon Echo Dot.

Juuli will also connect to Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Smart home hubs, and Juul’s Smart Home Hub app also supports Samsung Smart Home hubs and smart speakers.

Juulin will also be compatible with the Apple HomePod, Samsung Smart Hub, and Echo Dot smart home systems.

Juuling will also include Alexa integration, as will the Google Home and Google Home Dot smart speakers that support Alexa.

Google is working to make Juul a standard home automation device, and Amazon Echo owners can install Juul in their homes.

Google will also make Juula compatible with a range the Echo, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Home smart speakers for Alexa, as Juul supports both Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit platform.

Google also recently unveiled a Google Home speaker and an Amazon Echo speaker that support Google Assistant but are not compatible with Amazon Echo.

Google Home speakers and Alexa speakers are not intended to replace the Echo’s Alexa capabilities.

JuUL also works with a smart security system that will let users control smart home appliances with their voice.

Users can also control devices from an Android device like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

Juols voice recognition features include a “voice-to-text” feature, a “smart home voice recorder,” and a “virtual assistant” feature.

Juulas voice recognition feature is similar to Google’s Google Assistant voice recognition

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