Bark control devices are becoming increasingly common in cars.

They are equipped with remote-controlled wheels, doors, airbags and even brakes.

But some are also becoming popular with police and fire departments.

They have been used in some police cars to immobilise suspects.

“The device is a bit like a remote controller for your car, but instead of moving you forward and backward, it moves you in a certain direction,” says James Gulliver, an expert in policing technology and a former chief constable.

“That way you can get your car to respond to you, but you also have a real, real threat in front of your face.”

The devices are also useful for reducing the chance of people being injured, especially in the case of a serious crash.

In the past, officers often used the devices to immobilize suspects, but the devices have now become popular in the public sphere.

“In some situations, like if a suspect is running at you, you can turn the wheel to reduce the risk of that,” says John Smith, a professor of policing at the University of Leeds.

“When you do that, there is actually less risk of someone getting hurt.”

In the UK, the UK government has a police unit that uses them, but it is not mandatory.

A device can be bought in a range of colours, including grey and blue, and can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.

It can also be bought as a mobile phone app, so that officers can use it remotely to check whether the person in question has an emergency.

But Gullivers device is not an ordinary one.

It is a remote-control bot, so it can turn it on and off remotely, so long as it is on and it has an internet connection.

He says that when he bought the device, it was not a police device, but “it’s a bit of a security device”.

In his hands, the device is almost as big as a phone.

The battery lasts for two hours, but Gullivev said that after four hours, it would run out of power.

The device is controlled by a device manager software, which allows it to control the vehicle remotely.

“You can’t use it to get around,” he says.

“It can’t control the airbags.”

So why use it?

A device manager app has been developed by the University’s police technology unit, which uses the Bark Control app to control devices.

It comes with an easy-to-use interface and a number of commands, which can be used to control other devices in the vehicle.

It also lets you set up a plan, which is a way of controlling the device remotely.

Gullivans assistant police officer was not allowed to take part in the study, as he did not want to be involved in the policing of a vehicle.

However, Gullivia says that “the police use a lot of the devices, and we’ve found that they’re very helpful in the field”.

The devices that are most popular in Britain are remote-operated cars.

The police also use them to immobilising suspects, so they can be kept under control.

The devices, however, can be expensive.

The cost of the device depends on what type of licence it has, how many people are driving it, and what the speed it is travelling.

“So they’ll use a range, and if it’s not the cheapest, it’ll cost you about £1,000,” says Gullivo.

“If you have a higher-end model, you’ll be paying around £3,000.

If you have one that’s a low-end, it’s about £600.”

The cost also varies depending on the device and its speed, and how much it is being used.

“There are some models that are expensive, because they’re not used to the speed,” says Smith.

Smith said that he has seen the devices being used by a variety of police agencies. “

They’re expensive because it’s a lot more expensive to get it working than a regular device.”

Smith said that he has seen the devices being used by a variety of police agencies.

“I’ve seen one that was bought for £20,000, which was a very expensive piece of equipment, so I’ve seen a lot,” he said.

A few of the UK’s major force have used the Bark control system. “

For the most part, I see them used by the police, but they’re used by other departments too.”

A few of the UK’s major force have used the Bark control system.

In London, the Met’s Special Vehicle and Vehicle Operations Directorate uses them.

It was not able to respond for this story, but told Al Jazeera that “bark devices are a great option for officers who need to control vehicles to prevent incidents from escalating”.

“The Bark Control system is used by both police and

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