When you hear ‘backflow’, you may be thinking of a new medical device

A few weeks ago, the University of California San Diego School of Medicine published a study of how to “reverse” the flow of oxygen into a patient’s lungs after they were treated with a mechanical ventilation device.

The device was a pneuma compression device that had been developed by researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

But the researchers, who were able to reverse the flow by adding a water pump to the device, also found that they could reverse the amount of oxygen coming into the lungs.

The researchers, from the School of Engineering and Applied Science, concluded that this device could be used to help people with COPD, a common respiratory condition, regain function after a device is used to compress their lungs.

However, the device also has potential applications in other conditions, such as heart failure.

“There are a number of applications of this device, but we’re not really clear what those are,” said Andrew Laughlin, the lead author on the study and an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at UCSD.

Laughlin said he hopes that this study will encourage researchers to find other uses for this device.

“We hope that these kinds of devices can help us find new ways to help improve the quality of life of people with respiratory disease, such an acute disease like COPD,” he said.

Researchers also wanted to know if this device would work in a more severe disease like heart failure, so they tested the device on a group of people who were already suffering from heart failure before they received the device.

One of the people who received the pneumas device in the study had a heart attack in October 2015.

Another of the study participants was a heart patient who was already struggling with heart failure and had a valve replacement procedure performed in March.

While the study was done with a group that was already experiencing heart failure after receiving the pemus devices, the results may have implications for other people.

“If people get the device and have it go into their heart, we don’t know what it’s going to do to their heart,” said Laughlin.

The pneuumatic compression devices have been around for years.

They are designed to help compress a person’s airway, or chest cavity, to help with breathing.

The devices were originally developed by the Swiss company Dornier.

Dornieres device is not meant to be used for patients with severe COPD.

However it can help a person who is having difficulty breathing because they have difficulty keeping oxygen in their lungs, and that is what happened to the study subjects.

The study also did not investigate the effects the device had on the lungs of people whose lung function was normal, which would be an important question.

“The goal is to get the people that have COPD back into normal function, but the outcome is uncertain at this point,” Laughlin explained.

The American Heart Association is pushing for this technology to be made more widely available to the public.

The organization’s Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has a website listing all the products available for patients who have COPd.

The website also has information on how to use the devices.

However as of February 2018, the agency did not have any information about how many people had received the devices, or how many were using them.

The agency’s website does include a list of studies on the devices and how they are used.

However those studies have been limited to people with a diagnosis of COPD who were given a pnea device.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2018 found that, of people receiving pneusum compressions, more than half had been using the device for less than three weeks.

Researchers said that the results of that study could be due to how much time people have been on the device or how long it took for their COPD symptoms to return.

“Our hope is that the public will be able to understand how this device works and what its effect is, and then it will be easier to make the right choice about using it,” Linton said.

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