What you need to know about Amazon’s new hardware acquisition program

The new AWS hardware acquisition programs are a new way to acquire and license AWS resources to third parties, and they are aimed at supporting the cloud and cloud-based applications that will underpin Amazon’s AWS platform for years to come. 

Amazon is currently acquiring hardware and software for its AWS-branded devices, which are expected to be in the tens of millions. 

The company is also partnering with hardware companies to develop hardware for AWS, and it’s not the first time Amazon has partnered with hardware makers. 

In November of last year, the company announced a partnership with Nordstrom for the NHL 17 tickets for the new season. 

These deals have led to a significant influx of AWS hardware into the market, as Amazon has been able to leverage its hardware and its expertise to create a broad ecosystem of hardware products that it can sell to developers and hardware companies. 

For example, Amazon recently announced the purchase of Nokia’s nRF24 wireless chip and Norton’s sensor for the  Nexus 5. 

 Novell, Microsoft, Dell, and Asus all made announcements this year of hardware acquisitions to support their AWS-based products. 

Asus recently announced that it will be acquiring its own hardware assets in the next several months. 

If you want to read more about the new hardware acquisitions, we’ve put together a quick list below. 


Nova Thermostat, the latest iteration of the Thermostat for Amazon’s Customers device (shown above)The Nova Thermostats have a lot of cool things going for them, and many people have already tried them. 

However, a few months back, we reported on a leaked photo of a NOVA thermostat that was meant to be a new customer device, but it has now been revealed that the device was originally designed to support the Amazon Alexa app. 

You can view the leaked photo here. 


Livestreaming and the AWS Echo, the first Amazon Alexa device to be sold in the USSince it’s a custom-built Amazon Alexa product, the Echo is going to be sold in a few US cities. 

But the Echo can only be ordered from Amazon through the Alexa app, which means that you won’t be able to stream it from your home to a cloud service such as Netflix or Amazon Video. 

Additionally, the device can only stream to a Wi-Fi connection that supports the Amazon Prime Video streaming service. 


Sensory Hub for AWS One of the most popular Amazon Echo devices is the SENSORY Hub.

The Sensory Hub is a small sensor that can detect and track vibrations, heat, and motion in your home. 

This is particularly useful for people who are home alone or have to stay at home.

SensoryHubs are available for $199 and are already being used by millions of people. 


FlexPod, Amazon’s new fitness trackerAmazon’s FlexPod is an innovative fitness tracker that uses the same sensor technology as the Amazon Echo.

The FlexPod uses a custom processor, which can read accelerometers, gyroscopes, and more. 


Warranty, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Alexa Amazon Prime is Amazon’s subscription service that offers free access to over 150,000 titles. 

When Amazon decided to acquire the hardware rights to the Alexa devices and services that the Echo and other Alexa devices were designed to connect to, they made the decision to take the time to make sure that their new acquisition program is going in the right direction. 

Here are some of the highlights of Amazon’s program: Amazon will provide a three-month warranty for Alexa devices that support Alexa, which will cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, and misuse, failure of the Amazon Cloud Service, and other causes. 

Each Amazon Echo device that supports Alexa will also be covered by a three month warranty. 

It will also provide a 30-day warranty for the Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Dot Max, Echo L3, Echo Pro, Echo Tap, Echo Wand, Echo X, Echo W, Echo Plus, Echo Y, Echo Mini, Echo S, Echo T, Echo, Echo Spot, Echo Studio, Echo Sport, Echo TV, and Echo Series. 

Amazon will also extend the warranty for Amazon Alexa devices purchased with AWS Prime for an additional three months, which is also covered by the three-year warranty.

In addition to Amazon’s three- and 30-month warranties, each Alexa device will also have a two-year limited warranty.

 Amazon also will provide Amazon Prime customers with access to a new Amazon Alexa Skill Center, a new “voice assistant” that allows them to perform voice searches and actions. 6. 

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