HTC’s first-generation smartphone, the HTC One, was a breakthrough phone that could be seen as a breakthrough device for the company.

The phone’s specs were great, and its screen was gorgeous, but it wasn’t a flagship phone that would sell as many handsets as the Samsung Galaxy S5 or Apple’s iPhone 5.

That all changed with the HTC 10, which came with a dual camera setup that allowed you to capture a high-quality video, but the camera had a very limited range of aperture and ISO settings.

The HTC 10 also included a built-in stereo camera and audio jack, both of which would make it possible to take videos with both cameras at the same time.

This made the HTC 1080 a really solid phone, but also a phone that was hard to recommend over the Galaxy S6.

The one thing we do like about the HTC Ten is that it’s only $200 cheaper than the HTC M8 and is the best-selling phone of the year.

But that’s not to say it’s going to be an absolute success.

HTC did a lot of things right with the Ten, but that’s because they wanted it to be a phone for those who had big needs for quality.

And those who were willing to put in the work and pay for a phone with the highest-end specs could expect to see great results.

What we think the HTC 15 is HTC’s flagship smartphone, and it’s got the most premium specs of any phone that HTC has released so far.

But it’s not the best.

The One M9 HTC One is HTC One at its best The HTC One was one of the most innovative devices in recent memory, but HTC’s marketing and advertising for the One didn’t take that innovation too far.

Instead, the company was able to play up the phone’s premium qualities in a way that it didn’t in the M9.

The M9’s design was something we felt strongly about, but there were times when it was a little too futuristic for the time.

For example, the One M10’s back and front cameras were actually curved instead of square, which gave it a futuristic look, but when you look closely at the back of the One, you can see that the phone has two plastic lenses instead of the normal square lenses.

The new design made the One look like it was designed with an industrial aesthetic, rather than something that was meant to be used for work.

HTC made the phone a little more sleek and modern than the M8, and the One even had a curved edge around the sides that made it look more like a phone.

But we think that the design didn’t work for HTC’s intended use.

The back of HTC’s One M series phones The One has the most advanced camera in the smartphone industry The HTC Ten and HTC M9 have some of the best camera setups in the phone industry.

They have dual camera setups that allow you to take a wide-angle video, and they have the ability to capture an ultra-high-resolution photo with both a front and rear camera.

We feel that the HTC X9 was the first phone with a full-frame camera, but even that wasn’t quite as good as the HTC 20’s 1080p video capture.

The front-facing camera on the HTC Nine and Ten was actually more powerful than the one on the One.

It had the capability to capture still images with a wide angle lens, and a new selfie-style camera button that made selfies even more fun.

The X9 also had a built in stereo microphone that was better than the X9 Plus, and even though the One was supposed to be more of a phone than a smartphone, it was also meant to stand up to a more powerful competitor like the Samsung Note 8.

HTC One has a nice design and great hardware The HTC one looked good and felt well built.

HTC’s phones have always been a little heavy on the hardware, but this year, the design and the quality have really taken off.

The design of the HTC Ones is very sleek and elegant.

The rear camera of the one is just the right size and position for capturing a great photo, and there’s also a lot more space on the sides of the phone than there are on the front.

The metal frame around the front is also slightly thicker than the One’s, which helps the phone feel more solid.

It feels nice in your hand and also looks good, and HTC does a good job of balancing the phone with minimal weight.

The camera on HTC’s phone feels very sharp and detailed The HTC phones’ cameras are very well built, and that makes them great for selfies and video recording.

But the HTC ten and ten Plus also have great cameras.

They all have the same optical zoom, and each has the ability of taking a picture that’s up to 60 megapixels in resolution.

The ten Plus has a camera that has the same resolution as

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