MyMifi device is a proof-of-concept device with built-in WiFi and NFC devices

By Ali Gharibani and Peter HajekUpdated December 10, 2018 10:04:27MyMifi is an IoT device that uses WiFi to transmit and receive information, but also has NFC and Bluetooth support.

The device is currently available for preorder in the US.

The company says that it’s aiming for an early release in March 2019, but that it will ship in time for Christmas.

A press release from MyMifin, which is a startup with a focus on the IoT, says the device is aimed at the business and enterprise market.

The press release explains that it provides IoT-connected devices that can be easily shared between organizations.

MyMifinais an IoT-enabled smartphone with NFC and wireless connectivity.

It supports Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth Low Energy.

The phone is available for $179 and ships in March, 2019.

MyMIFin is the brainchild of former Cisco CEO and Google Ventures alum and co-founder of the company, Justin St. Pierre.

The press release describes MyMIFinais as an IoT mobile platform with Bluetooth Low energy (BLE), NFC, Wi-Fi, and NFC Low energy.

Bluetooth Low is the technology used to communicate with smartphones in the home.

The press statement says that MyMisfin can be used for both IoT devices and IoT devices with NFC.

The latter category includes mobile apps for devices like MyMio, MyMisi, Mymi, and MyMisa.

In a statement, My Mifi CEO and cofounder Justin St Pierre said:The devices are capable of receiving and transmitting data from the Internet using a variety of wireless communication methods including Bluetooth Low-energy, NFC, and Wi-FI.

I can also use the device to provide remote access to the MyMinais internal network, which will provide security and privacy.

This is an interesting way to connect a device with a network.

My Mifinai will also be able to provide an external IP address to external applications, allowing a remote application to receive data from My Mios internal network without having to have a dedicated router.

I am also working on a more robust mobile version of MyMios IoT platform.

My Mifi can be paired with any mobile device running Android or iOS.

In addition to Android, the device supports Windows Phone, and the device has Bluetooth Low Power support.

In addition to the mobile app, Mymifina is also selling a companion USB stick with additional NFC functionality and NFC low energy connectivity.

The USB stick is also compatible with Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1.

You can preorder My MIFina at the following retailers: Amazon UK Amazon US Apple App Store

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