Smart devices are often a convenient way to do things that are usually not possible, but not always necessary, with a little help from Alexa.

Here are five Alexa skills to help you learn how to do just that.1.

Get the car wash started by asking Alexa, “What are you looking for in the garage?”

A quick Google search will show you many options, but this will most likely be the first time you ask Alexa for a list of what to do with a car wash.

“I’d like to get your car washed.”

It could be a big thing.

Or it could be an expensive one.

“Do you want to get it cleaned?”

You may be surprised to learn you can.

Ask for the details, and Alexa will list a specific car wash you might want to see.2.

Ask Alexa for directions to the airport or other destinations using the Google Maps app.

This is especially helpful for people who are on vacation, or just need to make a quick trip from home to their job.

Google maps will let you search for locations in a map view, but Alexa will give you directions based on your location, and the area you want.

Ask, “Alexa, tell me the quickest way to get there?”3.

Ask “Alexas directions to where I’m going.”

This is one of my favorite Alexa commands, and it will be a great way to ask directions for a long drive or a quick walk to your office.

You may need to ask for directions for other places.

Alexa can tell you the directions for the grocery store, or the grocery mart, or wherever you’re going, but if you’re looking for directions, you can ask Alexa, for example, “How long will it take to get to the grocery?” or “How many minutes will it be?”4.

Ask Siri for directions using the Siri app.

The voice assistant can answer questions like “What time is it?” and “How far do I have to walk to get here?” and other more general questions.

Alexa, on the other hand, is able to give directions based only on your current location.5.

Ask Google Maps to help with your commute, or for a more direct route to your destination.

This one is especially useful if you need to go to a location but you don’t want to go the quickest route.

Ask the voice assistant to say “Google, go there,” and then ask, “Can I ask Alexa to take me there?” or, “I want to ask Google directions to get me there.”

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