Hacker News article This is the first time Apple has addressed the issue of battery life on smartwatches, which has been a topic of speculation and concern for months.

As you can imagine, this has been extremely frustrating for users, especially those who are already trying to figure out if their smartwatch will still work after several weeks without any update.

While Apple says it is investigating the issue, there’s no evidence that the issue has been fixed yet.

“We are investigating this issue with our Apple Watch team, and will update you as soon as we have more information,” the company wrote on its support site.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment and will let you know if we get any more details.

It is worth noting that, in a previous update, Apple had promised that its smartwatch would be “back in your pocket in less than 2 weeks.”

In a later post, the company promised that the update would happen in “early December,” but now it says it has been delayed by “a couple weeks.”

The lack of a fix is bad news for Apple fans who are still waiting for the first update to the iPhone X. It’s also bad news, for those who bought the watch in October to upgrade from the cheaper, less-powerful Apple Watch Series 4 to the much-more-powerful iPhone X Plus.

The watchOS update was released on Monday, October 19.

In its latest update, it said that Apple Watch owners “should expect a full update in early December,” and that “watchOS 3.0 will bring even more features and improvements to make your watch even more amazing.”

The watch will now be able to sync data with Apple Watch apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as with Siri.

There are no plans for Apple Watch to support NFC payments, though, and Apple says the app compatibility is still limited.

While the update to watchOS 3 has been quite the ride for many, it seems to have fallen by the wayside for Apple, with the company telling Apple Watch users on Wednesday that it will be out for at least a month.

That was before Apple’s iPhone XS Max came out on October 27, which saw the company remove support for its new watchOS, too.

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