The price of an analog device has come down dramatically in Israel over the past few years, with some of the most expensive phones selling for $1,000 to $2,000.

The digital revolution has also helped, but the price of a smartphone has fallen by half over the same period.

The average price of smartphone sold in Israel is now $130, down from $180 in 2011.

In Israel, the most popular smartphone brands are Google and Samsung.

The biggest competitors, Apple and Samsung, are making huge profits.

The latest smartphones include the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S6, both of which sell for over $600.

Apple is also making an impact, as the company is selling over 5 million iPhones in just the first quarter of this year.

The most popular brand in Israel, Samsung, is also the most profitable, with over $20 billion in sales last year.

For most Israelis, the smartphone is their only device.

They do not have a home broadband connection, which makes it more difficult to get an internet connection.

Many do not own a smartphone, preferring the convenience of an older tablet or laptop.

Some Israeli companies are also making more advanced, high-end smartphones.

One of them is Yotel, which launched in Israel in 2010.

Yotel is an Israeli company that makes smart phones, which are essentially connected devices.

The company sells devices at retail, in the online stores, and on Amazon.

Yotels devices have become a staple in the Israeli market, and it has been a successful company.

In 2011, Yotes mobile phones sold more than 2 million units.

In 2015, the company reported sales of 3.3 million units, a growth of over 10% from the previous year.

Israel is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world, with growth rates exceeding 40% in the last year alone.

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