A device that lets you unlock the phone from the lock screen is on the way

An Android device manager with an unlock feature could be one of the most disruptive devices of the year, according to an analyst with a firm that sells them.

The Israel-based company, which was recently acquired by Google, says it has a device that could be a new and disruptive force in the smart lock market.

“It has the capability to unlock a phone without entering a password, the user has no way to disable the device and the device has the ability to be turned off from a password-protected phone,” said Shmuel Shachar, the founder and chief technology officer at Zephyr, which develops hardware and software that help businesses secure devices.

“In the near future, the device will have the ability, when activated, to turn off a user from accessing the phone.

The device will also have the capability of turning off the phone without the user touching the phone,” he said.

He also predicted the device would be a game changer for consumers who often find themselves in a situation where they can’t unlock their device without entering the password, a scenario that has become common over the past year.

“The phone can be locked for a certain period of time, which will help in the case of a robbery, or the user is trying to unlock the device with the wrong password.

There is a limit of a certain amount of time,” Shachary said.”

A lot of people don’t want to have to unlock their phone and use a different password when they want to access their phone,” Shchary said, adding that the device could help companies better protect their customers’ personal information, as well as their corporate data.

The device, which is slated to ship this year, comes with a number of features.

It is built to run Android, and the company says it is also compatible with iOS devices.

It comes with the ability for users to turn the device off remotely, so that the user can leave it unlocked.

It also comes with an Android app that can be used to remotely unlock a device.

“This is not just a new device; this is a completely new experience,” Shcherbach said.

“This is a device, and it is completely new in the market.”

“This device is not designed to be used by an average person.

The idea of using it is very powerful.

You have an additional layer of security to it,” he added.

Shcherbatch said that the company’s technology will be available for sale to other manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, Sony and Google.

Shchary expects the device to be in the hands of consumers within a year, and said the device’s features are already well-received by users.

“We have a good number of customers who have purchased the device,” he told the Jerusalem Post.

“We have had a good response from customers.

We have received feedback from users.””

There are many users who are using the device for everyday tasks,” he continued.

“They are not trying to do any security-related tasks.”

He said the company has seen significant interest in the device in Israel.

“I see this device as an important product for the country,” he concluded.

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