Why snoring may be on the rise, but not everyone knows it’s a problem

Posted September 10, 2018 06:06:00 A new study suggests that sleepiness is on the increase in some Australians, and the reasons behind it may be very personal.

A new research by Australian and New Zealand researchers suggests snoring, which is often referred to as snoring at night, is not just a phenomenon experienced by people of the elderly.

Instead, the researchers say, the phenomenon is being experienced by young people in Australia, particularly the young and the young alone.

The study, published in the journal Sleep Medicine, found that young people who snore at night were much more likely to be experiencing symptoms than older people.

Sleep disturbances are not just caused by the tiredness of sleep itself, but by the disruption of sleep-wake cycles.

“There is a lot of confusion around sleep disturbance and why we do it,” lead author of the study Dr Jennifer Juhasz from the University of Western Australia’s Faculty of Medicine said.

“We wanted to try and put it in context.”

“When we started to ask about it, we were actually surprised to see people saying that it was because they were tired and stressed,” Dr JuhASz said.

Sleep disturbance was also seen among people who were younger, who were less likely to report snoring.

“The younger you are, the more likely you are to experience snoring and the more tired you are,” she said.

Dr Jughasz said it was important for people to understand the connection between snoring problems and the sleep disturbances experienced by older people, and that the research was aimed at understanding sleep disturbances.

“It’s not just about snoring in the evening,” she told 7.30.

“People also report snores in the morning.”

Dr Juskasz said people with sleep problems who are young, young alone and are sleeping at home were at the greatest risk of snoring disruption.

“If you are young and you don’t have a sleep problem, you might be less likely [to] have snoring when you have a problem, but then you might also have a lot more sleep disturbance,” she explained.

“But if you have sleep problems and you have snore problems, it could also be related to your age and your sleep patterns.”

The researchers found that people who slept on the sofa were more likely than those who slept in a bed to experience sleep disturbance.

“What we saw is that if you are sleep deprived, that makes it easier for you to sleep at night and that makes you less likely than other people to sleep in a bedroom,” Dr Jennifer said.

When asked if snoring was a real problem, Dr Jussasz had some ideas.

“I would definitely say that it is,” she replied.

“Some people sleep in bed because they feel more comfortable in bed, whereas some people have a sense of freedom and freedom to sleep on the couch, which makes them more comfortable and more productive at night.”

Sleepiness was not just experienced by those who snored at night Dr Jucasz also said that sleep disruption is not only caused by tiredness, but also by the disruptions of sleep cycles.

“What’s important is that we want to get to sleep so that we can fall asleep and that is when our brain gets to sleep,” she noted.

“When people are sleepy, the sleep goes backwards, so that when you fall asleep you’re not actually sleeping.”

“What it means is that when your brain is asleep and you fall into a deep slumber and you’re drifting off and not really getting any sleep, that your brain doesn’t get a chance to get as much sleep as it normally would.”

The study also found that snoring is not simply an occurrence of sleep apnea, which affects people who have sleep apneas and do not have sleep disorders.

“You may be able to detect snoring but it’s not as obvious as when people have sleep disturbances, and you also don’t know what’s going on,” Dr Jennasz explained.

Dr Jennasesz said that people with chronic sleep apnoea and sleep disturbances should be taking steps to manage their sleep.

“One of the things we would like to do is to be able tell people with the sleep apnic disorders to take steps to help manage their apnea,” she advised.

“Then if they can manage it and not have snores and they’re sleeping well, then they may not have a chronic sleep disorder, and so they may be less affected by sleep apathy,” Dr Jenasz added.

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