I Am, the latest in a long line of literary devices from Amazon, is being released on tablets, smartphones and laptops on Nov. 17.

The Kindle Fire HDX will come in three sizes, the Fire HD, Fire HD+ and Fire HD.

The Kindle Fire S and S+ will be released in December, and the Fire Pro and Pro+ will arrive in April.

The new devices are a departure for Amazon, which is not releasing books on digital platforms.

It has been making the leap to physical media in recent years, releasing a Kindle Fire, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Fire TV, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire tablet earlier this year.

The company is also launching a Kindle Unlimited service.

The new devices include a new e-reader called the Fire TV Stick, the first e-readers for Amazon Prime members.

The company is making the Kindle Fire device the first Kindle Fire book on Amazon’s website.

The device is available in the U.S. and in Canada, but is only available for the time being.

The Amazon Store in Canada will be closed to new purchases.

“I Am” is a “literary device,” said David C. Johnson, senior vice president of Amazon Books, in a blog post on Tuesday.

“I Am is a collection of stories written for a wider audience, which includes writers, readers, and students.

The stories in I Am are rooted in personal stories of passion and achievement and will be shared with readers and students everywhere.”

The Kindle device is a tablet, but the Kindle device isn’t a tablet.

It’s a computer.

The device comes with an iPad Mini, which can be used as a tablet or as a screen reader.

The tablet is the first tablet in Amazon’s Kindle lineup to come with a built-in screen reader, and it’s not the only Kindle device to have a built in screen reader — the Fire tablets and the Kindle PaperWhite come with built-into screen readers.

Amazon says the device also supports “the newest in digital publishing technology,” and it offers a Kindle eBook reader, the Kindle app for iOS and Android, and a Kindle Audio player for Mac, Windows and Linux.

The tablet is a good choice for Kindle users, who are accustomed to the Kindle experience on tablets.

It also offers some benefits that are unique to the iPad.

It can be paired with a Kindle e-ink reader, which will allow readers to write with a stylus.

It will also be compatible with other apps, like a Kindle video app and an ebook reader for audiobooks.

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