FourFourThree: This is the most frequently asked question on Android TV, so I’ve compiled a list of the best ways to watch on your phone.

It’s a very long list, and some of the tips may not work if you’re not running Android 4.0.3 or higher.

There’s also an Android TV app for your phone that I’ll describe in a moment.

If you don’t have an Android phone, then check out our guide to Android TV for a full list of all the devices available on the Play Store.

If your phone is already running Android, this guide will work on Android 4, 4.2, 4, 3, 3.1, 2, 2.0, or 1.1.5.

If not, there’s a good guide to installing Android TV on the Google Play Store that will help you get the best experience for your device.

In case you don´t have an app or phone running Android TV: Download the Android TV Android app and install it on your device or tablet.

Download the Plex app from the Google app store.

Install Plex on your Plex device.

On your phone, open Plex and go to the Settings menu.

Under TV and Media, select your Android TV device.

If the settings don´T work, try going to Settings > Settings > Mobile > Device > Customize.

Check the box next to your Android device.

Now tap the menu button at the top of the screen and select ‘Views’.

Under your Android media player, choose the app you installed Plex on and then select ‘Edit’ to save the changes.

On Android TV the app will now look like this: Now tap ‘View’ in the app and select the ‘Plex’ icon.

You should see the app with Plex in the list.

If Plex isn´t listed, it probably doesn’t work.

To make your device the default media player on Android, tap the app icon on your TV and choose ‘Settings’.

On the settings page, tap ‘Media Player’.

Under ‘Media Types’, select the Plex TV app.

Choose ‘Android TV’.

Check ‘Play on TV’.

You can now choose whether you want to ‘Auto-sync’ the media on your Chromecast or not.

The ‘Auto Sync’ option will let you choose how long it takes for the Plex Media Server to sync your device to your Chromecasts network, and it’ll then automatically play the media files you’ve set in Plex.

You can also disable ‘Auto sync’.

If you have an older Android device that doesn’t support Android TV or Plex, you can also use the Plex Plex app to skip this step.

If, for some reason, you donít want to manually sync your media files to your device, you may want to disable the ‘Auto syncing’ option in the Settings.

You’ll have to manually select which Android device you want the media from.

If none of those work, you’ll have a blank page to start.

Open up the Plex apps settings and scroll down until you see ‘Android Media’.

You’ll see your Plex Media Player and Plex Media server icons.

Tap ‘Select Plex Media’.

If it looks like you’re getting an error, you’ve either disabled the ‘Automatic sync’ option or you’ve manually selected the Plex media on the device you don`t have a Plex Media Servers account.

You need to go to your Settings page again and tap ‘Settings’ to add the Plex device you just added.

Tap the ‘Settings icon’ to return to the Plex settings page.

You now have a list with the Plex devices you have installed.

Select your Plex media device from the list and select it from the dropdown menu.

On the Settings page, click ‘Play’.

To skip the automatic sync process, tap to the left of the ‘Play’ button and then tap ‘Skip’.

You should now be able to watch any media from your Android devices on your other Android devices.

If it doesn’t look like Plex is the default player, you probably have a problem with the Android Media Player settings.

If that happens, you need to open the Plex Play Services app, tap your Android Media device, and select Play.

On this page, choose ‘Advanced settings’.

You may have to restart the Android media app to see all of your Plex settings.

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