The Jaw Fit smartphone fitness tracker will arrive on iOS and Android in the coming months, but there are no plans for it to be a standalone device, according to Jaw’s VP of marketing and product strategy Michael O’Leary.

Instead, the Jaw Fit is designed to be the hub for Jaw’s other products, like the Jaw Force wireless fitness trackers.

The Jaw Fit has a variety of sensors, like a heart rate sensor, gyroscope, motion sensor, and accelerometer, and is capable of recording and displaying heart rate and activity data from the wearer’s device.

O’Leary said that while Jaw has been using the Jaw Fitness to track users over the past year, the company’s plans to bring the Jaw to other platforms like Apple’s Watch, Google’s Android Wear and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One are still in development.

“We don’t think we’re ready to launch Jaw Fit on the platforms that we already have,” he said.

But, he said, “we’re looking at it.

We’ll probably be launching it next year.”

O’Brien said Jaw’s new Fit product line will also include fitness trackable headphones.

The Fit, which is available for $199, is compatible with Jaw’s Jaw Force fitness trackables and other fitness tracking devices.

In addition to the Jaw Watch, Jaw’s Fit device is compatible on Android Wear, Apple Watch, the Microsoft Band, Google Fit, and Microsoft Surface.

Oyle, however, said Jaw is exploring other hardware partners for its Fit products.

“As we’ve grown our business, we’ve done a lot of work with other companies that have the capability to create hardware that we can take to market,” he told The Globe and Mail.

The company plans to ship Jaw Fit devices to customers worldwide in the third quarter of this year.

O’-Leary said Jaw will ship the Fit to customers “pretty soon.”

While Jaw does not yet have an exact release date, it plans to offer the Jaw Flex device sometime in late 2019.

“The Fit and Flex are designed for wearables,” he added.

“We think the Jaw is going to be quite the wearable.

And so we think we need to do it right.”

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