Wired – June 30, 2019 – 3.3″ tablets are now available in more countries than ever, and they’re becoming a bigger part of everyday life.

But how much of the battery life they have depends on your device, and there are a lot of ways to control the amount.

Here’s how to use a tablet’s battery capacity to optimize its performance and battery life.1.

Battery life in the dark: Turn off the flashlight.2.

Battery performance is dependent on the brightness of the screen.

Set your brightness slider in the app to adjust your screen’s brightness.3.

Use the brightness slider to increase the battery’s life.

The darker the slider, the longer the battery will last.4.

Turn off your computer’s Wi-Fi.

If you have one, you’ll need to do this too.5.

Make sure the tablet’s Bluetooth connection is working.

If it’s not, your tablet may not work.6.

Try turning off the Wi-fi or Bluetooth, or if you’re not sure, try the tablet itself.

If the battery does not seem to work, make sure your WiFi is working fine, too.7.

Plug in your USB-C adapter to your tablet’s power port.

Make it the right size and position.

Make certain the USB-c port is visible in the bottom-right corner of the device.8.

If your tablet is plugged in to an AC adapter, you can charge it through the charger.

Plug the charger in the same way.9.

If there’s a blue LED light, the tablet is charging.

You should see an “OK” when it starts charging.

The battery will be at 80 percent of its capacity.10.

If battery life is not improving, turn off your tablet and re-plug it in.11.

Turn on the tablet again.

It should now be charging.

If not, plug it back in.12.

Check for any apps you might have installed.

If they aren’t installed, install them manually.13.

If everything seems to be working fine (you’ll see the blue LED in the top-right) then plug the tablet in again and see if it has a blue indicator.

If so, the battery is at 80% capacity.14.

Plug your computer in, and if it’s still not charging, power it off.

It will turn itself on automatically once you get home.15.

If things are still not working out, try re-routing your Wi-FI connection through another router.

This will help your battery life, too, because your Wi in-flight is already wired up.16.

Make a backup of your data, because sometimes your tablet will run out of juice and will need to be charged up again.17.

If all else fails, turn on a fan.

This can help keep your tablet cool and help recharge the battery.18.

If a light is flashing or an icon on your screen turns green, the charger is working but it’s probably not charging the battery, so turn off the screen and try again.

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