The coronaviral pandemic has been a boon to the phone industry, allowing millions of consumers to take advantage of new technologies to keep their phones safe from the virus.

Now that the pandemic is over, many consumers are still looking to their phones for health alerts and other helpful features, as many of them do not have access to an Android phone.

Here are the top 5 ways to protect your phone and prevent the spread of coronaviruses.1.

Know your smartphone’s history.

You should be aware of the current coronavid pandemic and the apps that have been released in anticipation of the pandemics first wave.2.

Keep your phone clean.

Many devices are prone to water damage, dust buildup, water damage or other damage.

Some phones can get covered with dust on their sides and bottom.

If you want to protect the top of your phone, you can use a mask.3.

Use a water resistant screen protector.

Water resistant screens are a great idea for protecting your phone’s screen, which can be prone to scratches, smudges and fingerprints.

You can also try a screen protector that covers the screen without covering the rest of the phone.4.

Know how to use the app.

Apps are great for many things, but they also can be a boon for the spread and spread of viruses.

Use them with caution.

For example, many of the popular apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play store are not recommended for the use of any device that is infected with the coronovirus.5.

Know which phones have the most to lose.

If your phone has been infected with a coronavoid, it is best to get it out of the house, and make sure it is properly disinfected before moving on to the next phone.

If it has been in a garage, get it removed.

If someone is using your phone in an airport, make sure they get a new one.

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