Now that the Hulu app is officially available on the Samsung Galaxy S8, it’s time to try out the new feature.

The Hulu app comes preinstalled with the TV, so it’s easy to install it and get the TV to start watching Hulu content.

However, we didn’t have much time to get used to it when we tried it out.

You have to manually start Hulu, go to your local library, and select the Hulu icon on the top right of the screen.

Once you’ve selected the icon, you’ll be taken to a home screen that has a lot of information about your TV, including settings for the TV’s DVR, Netflix, and the ability to add more content.

The TV will show you a list of your current and future Hulu content and the Hulu channel you want to watch it on.

The list of channels can also be sorted by popularity, which shows which channels you’ll have access to.

The most popular channels are labeled “top of the queue,” while the “most-viewed” channels are shown next to them.

If you want, you can also use the Hulu “show info” button to see what shows are currently playing, which channels are currently airing, and what shows will be on at the end of the week.

If a show is listed as being available in the future, you will also be shown the show’s description, including an indication of when you can expect to see it.

This information is handy for scheduling future shows for your viewing habits.

The bottom-right corner of the home screen has a list, “recently added,” which lets you mark any content you have added recently.

Once a channel has been added, you have to tap on it to see a pop-up list of all of the channels that have recently been added to your library.

This list lets you see how many of those channels are on your TV and which ones you should probably skip.

You can also swipe left on a channel to see the next available episode, a “recent episode,” or a “list all episodes” list.

The “recent show” list is sort of like a “recommended” list, with the ones that you have recently watched and are most likely to enjoy coming up on the list.

You’ll also notice a “show information” button next to a channel’s name.

This button gives you a short summary of the content you’re currently watching, including the title and a link to a full-screen version of the video.

If the video is already on your television, you get a notification with a red “play” icon.

You also get an “episode summary” button on top of the list, letting you know how many episodes you have already watched.

If none of those appear, you may want to consider just starting over.

You get an overview of all your current Hulu content, as well as the list of available channels.

If your TV has the option to switch between the “recommend” and “list” sections of the TV interface, you are able to switch back to the previous setting.

We didn’t find it difficult to switch from the “list channels” option to the “show” section, which we found to be much easier to use.

You will still be able to find the “recent shows” button when you click on it, but the channel’s title and episode summary will show up next to it.

If we were still in the “top-rated” category, it would have been easy to skip the upcoming episode of the show and skip to the next episode of a specific show.

But we were able to skip all the shows that had a “top rating” of 4 or higher, which would have made it easier to skip those.

This means that most of the “popular” shows were either coming up next, or they were just out of our reach.

When it comes to the Hulu apps for Samsung Smart TVs, we found that the interface wasn’t particularly refined.

The Samsung Smart TV interface can get pretty confusing when you try to navigate around the various settings, and there are a few frustrating issues with the various channels, like “Not available for this device” and even “Please disable this device to access this content.”

When we tried to enable “list channel” and manually scroll through the channels, we couldn’t.

As a result, the content we wanted to watch was inaccessible to us when we searched for it.

That’s probably not the best experience for many users.

But for those of us who just want to keep watching a particular channel or show, Hulu is a great way to do that.

You won’t find the interface as polished as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but you will get a better experience watching content on the device.

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