This week we’re bringing you a new twist on one of the most feared and feared viruses on the planet: a new, highly contagious strain of flu virus that infects humans and animals.

The virus was discovered in China last year, and is now spreading quickly around the world.

It is being treated as an unprecedented pandemic, but it’s also the most lethal in human history, with as many as 30 million people being infected every year.

And it is now being dubbed the new “super flu”.

The virus is currently spreading across the world, and many of those infected are people who have recently left their home country.

Here are five key points to know about the new pandemic.

What is the new virus?

The new “swine flu” is a coronavirus that was first discovered in Shanghai, China, in March of this year.

The strain of the virus has caused an unusually high number of deaths and has been linked to a major coronaviruses outbreak in China.

The new coronaviral is different to the “swamp flu” virus which was first identified in Australia in 2011.

The Australian coronavirodisease is caused by the coronavira, a virus that can be transmitted through blood and other body fluids, such as sweat, urine and semen.

The coronavibrio virus has only been found in humans, so it is not known how the new strain is different from the Australian coronivirus.

The “super swine flu”, on the other hand, has a wider spread, and has infected more people than either of its two predecessors.

This means the strain is much more contagious, and the chances of getting infected are higher.

It has also been linked with outbreaks in Europe and the United States.

The first coronavirent strain was discovered to be circulating in Hong Kong and mainland China in March.

In December of last year a second strain was found in Taiwan, but the two strains have been separated for more than a year.

What are the symptoms of the new coronovirus?

The “swim flu” and the “super swim flu” can cause fever, headache, runny nose, cough, run short of breath, fatigue, muscle aches and muscle pains.

It can also cause kidney and liver problems, which are also severe.

The flu is also believed to cause severe diarrhoea, which is sometimes fatal.

The most common symptoms of coronaviring can include a fever, rash, cough and sore throat.

The body can recover after the initial symptoms.

The symptoms can also include fever, joint pain and headache.

Are there any side effects to this new coroniviral?

The main symptoms of this new strain are fever, cough or sore throat, and can cause muscle ache and muscle pain.

It also may cause kidney failure, kidney stones, liver failure, pneumonia, and liver failure with scarring.

The health minister of Hong Kong has told the BBC that the new flu is not causing serious health issues.

But the authorities in Hongkong have said that some of the infections have caused severe complications, and that some people have died from the coroniviring.

People in the city have been urged to stay away from public areas, and stay away even from hospitals.

People who are affected by the new swine-flu virus should not consume or use certain foods, such the nuts and seeds, or take them in large quantities.

They should also avoid contact with animals, including poultry, pigs and sheep.

People should avoid sharing food with family and friends.

What to do if you’re at risk for the new illness?

People who have not been exposed to the new variant of the coronoviral should seek medical help if they become ill.

They can contact their local health authorities or call the local hospital, but these are the first steps to avoiding complications.

People with symptoms of flu should stay home and avoid contact.

People affected by flu should get medical attention and should be advised to wear a mask.

Anyone who develops symptoms of influenza should seek emergency treatment.

The UK has also released a list of symptoms that it is warning people to avoid.

People can see a doctor if they have any of the following symptoms: Muscle aches, pain in the joints, trouble swallowing, fever, weakness, and/or headache.

They may also have trouble breathing, shortness of breath or cough.

These symptoms should be treated with antibiotics.

If symptoms persist, they may require a hospitalisation.

What other things to know?

All new coronviruses have a high mortality rate.

For this reason, the UK and Australia are urging people not to travel to areas with high levels of coronoviruses, such to regions with high rates of infection, or regions where people have been exposed.

If you are concerned about your health, it is important to follow the guidance of your local health authority.

There are many different ways of protecting yourself from this virus.

Here’s how you can help.

Keep yourself and others

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